Border in Asia is not normal yet!

Despite rising vaccine rates, Asia-Pacific countries are still tightening border controls. Travel bans in various countries, quarantine is still in force. China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and all other countries have restrictions.

Mainland China and Hong Kong are covered by the Zero Cove policy. There are strict restrictions. After entering China and Hong Kong, you have to stay in the hotel quarantine for two weeks. However, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia are taking the middle ground. Unnecessary travel has been banned in these countries.

Asia is in a different position than Europe and North America. Travelers who have received the vaccine in Europe and North America will be able to travel freely. However, in some countries, if the corona does not show a negative result, some restrictions have to be complied with. Jayant Menon, a top official at the ISEAS-Youssef Ishaq Institute in Singapore, said Asian countries, such as Europe and North America, would have to wait a long time for the border to reopen naturally.

Despite the high rate of vaccines, many countries are not opening their international borders as fast as they have relaxed their domestic restrictions. Vaccination rates have already reached 80 percent in Japan and South Korea. Although restrictions have been relaxed for certain travelers such as business travelers and students, travel permits for tourists have not yet been announced.

About 80 percent of people in Australia have received two doses of the vaccine. But even then, the country has indicated that it will not open its doors to international tourists until next year.

In Malaysia, 6 percent of the population has received two doses of the vaccine. But the country is still closed to international travelers. It is planned to give international travelers the opportunity to travel to Malaysia from next January. In Singapore, more than 80 percent of people have received two doses of the vaccine. They have resumed quarantine-free travel for vaccinated travelers at various stages. Next month, the names of 21 countries will be added.

At the beginning of the epidemic, 99 percent of Asian countries closed their doors to travelers. According to the World Economic Forum Travel and Tourism Competitiveness 2019, Asia Pacific countries welcome more than 290 million people each year before the epidemic. It has added more than 75 billion to the economy.

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