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India’s big diplomatic victory!

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Kulbhushan Jadhav, a long-time prisoner of Pakistan! India is fighting to end captivity. In this situation, India has won a big diplomatic victory. Pakistan gave the opportunity to Kulbhushan Yadav to appeal by passing the bill in the parliament. Kulbhushan Yadav must be given a chance to appeal!

That is what the International Court of Justice has ordered. And to implement that directive and give this right to Kulbhushan Yadav, Islamabad passed the bill. India sees this as a diplomatic victory.

Parliament approves the bill.

Kulbhushan Yadav is a long-time prisoner of Pakistan. Multiple false cases have been filed against him. Not only that, he has been told multiple lies. India claims that a lot is being said about him by injecting. Not only that, India alleges that Kulbhushan is not being given an opportunity to appeal.

To this end, there is a legal battle in the International Court of Justice. India won that case. Today, the Pakistani parliament passed a bill to appeal to him and the parliament approved it. Pakistan claims to have arrested Kulbhushan from Balochistan. Karachi has been accused of providing pirates on Pakistani soil on behalf of India.

Sentenced to death for spying.

A Pakistani court has sentenced Kulbhushan Yadav to death for spying. However, the case is currently pending in the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Pakistan did not give Yadav any chance to appeal to the apex court. India has been fighting this issue since day one. Complaints were also lodged in the International Court of Justice. After a long hearing, Pakistan got a big shock. The instructions come from India. Not only that but Kulbhushan should also be given a chance to appeal.

ICJ talks about Pakistan

The International Court of Justice ruled in 2019 that Pakistan should think more about the issue. Not only that, the International Court of Justice has strongly instructed Pakistan to give all diplomatic facilities to Kulbhushan on an urgent basis. Not only that, it is said, Kulbhushan should be given the opportunity to file a legal application in a specific place.

On the other hand, the Pakistani law minister himself admitted that the court could be found guilty of contempt if it did not listen to the International Court of Justice. And then Pakistan passed this law. However, the Pakistani parliament approved the law on Wednesday. However, it needs to be said that in order to give this facility to Kulbhushan, the Imran Khan government in the face of the cannons of the opposition parties in that country.

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