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Extreme danger if not updated, warns Google!

Hadis Mill in Google Chrome 2 billion Chrome users could face dangerous security flaws. Google has released an important fix that will be sent to all users on behalf of the company.

The most popular web browser is Google Chrome. But did you know that the security of this web browser has recently been threatened? This browser, which is a subsidiary of Google, has a security flaw. As a result, 2 billion Chrome users may face security risks.

A few days ago, the US company Google announced that it had found the 11th ‘Zero Day’ report of this year. As a result, people who use Chrome on Windows, macOS, and Linux can suffer extreme losses.

What is Zero Day?

Google is the first to address any security issues in its service. However, if a hacker uses that problem and tries to hack users’ systems before fixing the problem or before the patch is released, it is called the ‘Zero Day’ exploit in Google. Google’s CVE-2021-37973 Error Hacking has come to the minds of smart hackers that users’ security can be hacked.

That is why the CVE-2021-37973 error is more dangerous than other security errors. Google has taken steps to improve the security of Google Chrome users. Google is one of the most trusted web browsing platforms today. It is learned that Google engineers are trying their best to resolve this error. So far all the details of CVE-2021-37973 have been kept secret.

The hacker group that is trying to take over Chrome by breaking Google’s strict security has already been specified. This error of Google has been marked as a high-risk error. This Zero Day Report is Google’s 11th Use After Free (UAF) problem in 2021. In September of this year, ten more types of UAF problems were found in Chrome.

As a result, users are wondering how secure Chrome is. However, Google has already released an important fix. It is known that this new fix will be sent to all Chrome users on behalf of Google. The company has also warned users about new errors.

How do you know if your computer’s Chrome (CHROME) is safe?

If you want to know if your computer’s Chrome is safe –
1. First you need to click on the three-dots option on the right side of Chrome.
Then crawl down and go to the settings option.
2. From there, scroll down and click on the Help option. Then tap on the About Google Chrome option.
3. If the Chrome version of your device shows 94.0.4606.61 or higher, you know that your device is protected.
If there is less than one version, please update soon.
Otherwise, download Google Chrome from the official site of Chrome.

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