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Google Ban 7 Apps, Delete Apps Now Android Users!

Google recently removed 7 Android Apps from the Play Store. These apps contain the dangerous “Trojan” virus, a type of Joker malware. It is known that many people have already downloaded the seven popular apps canceled by Google. Google has removed these awesome apps from the Play Store so that no one else will be harmed by downloading these apps.

Joker malware was found in the cyber world in 2019. Since then, cybercriminals have been using this malware to harm people. It is a type of virus that can hide in the user’s system and steal all the data from them without any hint. In a blink of an eye, users can grab the passwords of various online transactions and empty their bank accounts.

The most popular applications from Google are:
1. Now QRcode San
2. Emojione Keyboard
3. Battery Charging Animations Battery
4. WallpaperDazzling Keyboard
5. Volume Booster Louder Sound Equalizer
6. Classic Emoji Keyboard
৭.Super Hero – Effect

Google has advised users to uninstall these dangerous apps as soon as possible if they are on someone’s phone.

Users should also be careful not to allow any malware to attack the smartphone. Apps should not be installed from any third-party source other than the Play Store. Should be deleted.

It’s best to avoid apps that are rarely downloaded by users in the Play Store, or that don’t have a very good rating. Some apps have misspellings in their descriptions when downloading apps online. The reliability of these types of applications is quite low.

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