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Flood emergency declared in British Columbia!

Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in the Canadian province of British Columbia (BC). Provincial chief John Hargan declared a state of emergency there on Wednesday (November 18th). Earlier, the Canadian government said it was sending airmen to British Columbia to rescue flood victims.

The recent heavy rains in British Columbia have caused severe flooding. One death has been reported so far, with at least two missing. However, local authorities fear the death toll could rise further. Moreover, the rains are forecast to continue for a few more days.

Meanwhile, the residents of BC are facing floods and landslides. Vancouver suffered the most damage. The city’s roads have been flooded. Communication and electricity are cut off in several areas. Food stocks are running out.

Canadian Public Safety Minister Bill Blair says the military has begun work to rescue victims. Helicopters have rescued more than 300 people stranded on a highway near the city of Agassiz, east of Vancouver.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says torrential rains have disrupted livelihoods and killed people in British Columbia. The central government is working with the local administration to deal with the situation.

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