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Covid-19 is the first to spread the sensational demand from China’s Wuhan market!

Towards the end of 2019, the news of the first coronavirus infection spread from Wuhan, China to the whole world. Then this deadly virus devoured the whole world. But was this deadly virus really created in Wuhan’s laboratory in China?

Who is responsible for the coronavirus?

More than one country in the world is still struggling with this question. However, a new study found some answers. The first Covid-19 symptom appeared in the body of a female marine fish seller in the fish and meat market of Wuhan, China. It is not correct to say that an accountant is not associated with this market in any way. This has been mentioned in the report published in Science Journal.

The first corona patient, according to another study, was the first corona patient to work at the Hunan Livestock Market in central China. This information was published by The New York Times on Thursday. It was from this city of Uhan that the first coronavirus was caught in 2019 and it took the shape of an epidemic. Incidentally, scientist Michael Urubi, who gave new information about the world’s first corona infection, said that an accountant, who was initially thought to be the first corona patient, was diagnosed on December 16 of that year, long after the initial diagnosis.

The accountant’s first non-corona patient survey said, “The accountant’s symptoms came to light after a number of workers in the Hunan market were caught with corona cases, but the deadly virus was first detected on December 11 in the body of a female marine fishmonger.” Michael Arabi, the chief virologist in the Department of Ecology at the University of Arizona, claims that various community infections have also been transmitted from this market.

He claimed that he came to this conclusion after looking at various information and interviewing people. Arabi said the seller had joined the Hunan marine fish wholesale market. The new analysis says that the market had close contact with hospitalized patients, which provides strong evidence that the epidemic has spread from there.

Virologist Urubi is still unsure about how the infection spread, but his research is not 100% sure. “It’s very difficult to find out how the infection spread in a city of 61 million people,” he said. Labs or markets – nothing can be considered a sure source of infection.

However, he has cited a number of hospitals and medical reports in support of his claim. However, they also leave more room for experimentation. Several experts, including the World Health Organization’s epidemiological investigators, said the investigation by Urubi was on the right track and that marine fish seller were likely to be the first to be infected with Covid-19.

Questions remain about the source of the covid virus, while earlier reports from various quarters have suggested that the virus may have leaked from a virus laboratory near the Yangtze River in China. It was later suspected that it had spread to Wuhan’s marine fish market.

This new study largely supports that theory. However, the question remains, where exactly is the source of the covid virus? Incidentally, there were 256,092,392 Covid-19 cases worldwide on Friday and 5,132,443 people died in Covid.

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