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Russia’s oil fleet is leaving for the United States!

A Russian ship carrying a large quantity of fuel oil has left for the United States. Russia has taken steps to help the United States deal with the ongoing oil crisis. Oil prices are at an all-time high in the United States over the past seven years due to a major oil shortage.

According to Bloomberg, citing the energy cargo tracking agency Vortex, four Russian oil tankers have sailed to the east coast of the United States with 2 million barrels of diesel. The oil will arrive in New York, New Haven, and Connecticut next week.

Managing Director Houston’s Vortexer Clay Seigel said Russia could supply oil cheaper than any other refinery in Europe.

The east coast of the United States is the largest importer of oil, but its oil reserves are at an all-time low since 2016. The amount of fuel oil imported from Europe to the United States was the lowest in October in the last nine months. Global oil prices continue to rise as the Corona epidemic subsides.

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