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Austria is returning to the lockdown despite the protests!

Austria, a southern European country, is waging a three-week general lockdown to curb daily infections, despite protests against strict coronary restrictions. This is the fourth lockdown in the country in almost two years of the epidemic. News BBC Online.

The government said in a statement on Monday that all restaurants, bars, theaters, gyms, salons, parlors, and other non-essential products and services would be closed from midnight today (November 22) until midnight on December 12. Only food and drug stores will be open.

Besides, people are not allowed to leave their homes without urgent reasons. However, people of certain professions including police and journalists have been kept out of the lockdown.

Lockdown may be issued in the country – such talks have been going on in Austria for the last few days. Protests were also going on because of him. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in the capital, Vienna, on Monday to protest against the Corona ban and the lockdown.

Their allegation is that the government is depriving the citizens of their freedom through strict restrictions and lockdowns. There have also been some isolated incidents of clashes with police.

However, the government of the country is not willing to give importance to this protest of the people. In an interview with Austrian media outlet ORF TV on Sunday night, Health Minister Wolfgang Muekhstein said: “We have no choice but to issue a lockdown. Only lockdown can bring the daily infection under control in the country. ‘

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently warned Europe that corona infections could rise sharply on the continent this winter.

WHO Europe branch director on Saturday. Hans Klag told the BBC in an interview that at least half a million people in Europe would die in Corona before the end of winter and spring if the immunization program was slowed down, compulsory masks were relaxed and coveted passes were not provided in public places.

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