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Attack on the SUV at the Christmas parade in America!

The United States witnessed a terrible accident. On Sunday, a traditional Christmas parade was held in Milwaukee’s suburbs of Waukesha. Suddenly, an SUV rammed into the parade. In the middle of the parade, without stopping the car, it crushed the people on one side and ran away. More than 20 people, including adults and children, were injured in the tragic accident.

Police sources also said that several people were killed. By the way, Christmas is not too late. Western nations have already begun preparations for the festival. This special Christmas parade was part of that preparation. Many people had gathered to watch the parade and then the accident happened. Many people have videotaped this horrific accident on their mobile phones.

One person has been arrested, the SUV car confiscated. But the detainee did not say what his motive was for the incident. The video shows a woman repeatedly shouting “Oh my God”, while a group of girls in Santa’s hats and dancing with white pumps entered the red SUV.

In another video, it is seen that during the Christmas parade, when the SUV suddenly enters the car, the happy music gradually turns into a terrible howl.
Many of the injured were fired by fire chief Steven Howard, who said 11 adults and 12 children had been injured and had been taken to hospital by firefighters.

Wisconsin Children’s Hospital, meanwhile, said it had begun treating 15 injured patients from the parade. However, no death was reported at the hospital till 8 pm on Sunday. Sandra Peterson, a spokeswoman for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, said several people, including a Catholic priest and several Catholic schoolchildren, were injured in the crash.

Police have seized the deadly car and taken it into their custody. Thompson said an investigation is underway in collaboration with the Wisconsin Justice Department. When the SUV broke through the barricade during the annual parade at 4:40 pm local time in Waukesha, USA, Waukesha police officers opened fire and tried to stop the vehicle.

No witnesses were injured and Thompson said it was not known if the driver was injured in the officer’s shooting. Mayor Shawn Riley said the crash happened in a festive atmosphere. He said that many children were out on the streets holding the hands of their parents on that day. They were walking around smiling. He also said that many people have been injured in the head or chest.

Joy turns to sadness An eyewitness named Tyler Kotlarek said that when he first heard the screams he thought everyone was shouting for joy. But later realized it was a howl. “This is the first time I’ve seen such a tragic event,” he said.

He claimed that the driver of the vehicle deliberately entered the crowd with the car. However, the police have not yet said why the driver did such a thing. It is learned that the driver of the vehicle suddenly turned the car to the right and drove very fast through the parade. The local school will be closed on Monday due to the incident, the police chief said. Traffic on the roads will be temporarily closed.

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