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Sweden’s first female prime minister has resigned on the first day!

Sweden’s first female prime minister has resigned just hours after taking office. Magdalena Anderson was announced on Wednesday as the leader of Sweden’s ruling coalition and prime minister. But he resigned after his coalition partner withdrew from the government and Ms. Anderson’s budget proposal was not passed.

The budget proposal raised by the opposition was passed in the parliament. Opposition parties include the far-right anti-immigration coalition Magdalena Anderson-led coalition, the Greens, which has said it cannot “accept the budget raised by the far-right for the first time.”

“I have informed the speaker that I want to resign,” Ms. Anderson told reporters. However, he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s government. The Social Democrat leader said, “There is a constitutional practice of relinquishing power to the coalition government if one of the parties leaves the coalition.”

“I do not want to lead a government whose legitimacy is in question.” The speaker said he would contact the party leaders to know the party’s next decision. Ms. Anderson was elected prime minister on Wednesday because, under Swedish law, she was eligible to become prime minister unless a majority of lawmakers voted against her.

The 54-year-old Social Democrat leader was honored by a section of parliament after being elected prime minister. Magdalena Anderson’s Social Democratic Party formed a last-minute alliance with the Left. His party maintained an alliance with The Greens Party. Out of 349 members of Parliament, 184 voted against Ms. Anderson. And 117 MPs voted for him.

However, he won by a margin of 58 votes. Former Uppsala Junior Swimming Champion Magdalena Anderson began her political career in 1997 as an adviser to then-Prime Minister Goran Pearson. Ms. Anderson has been Sweden’s finance minister for the past seven years.

Sweden was the only Nordic country to have no female prime minister until Swedish lawmakers backed Magdalena Anderson on Wednesday. However, she announced her resignation before sunset on Wednesday morning, despite being elected the first female prime minister in Sweden’s history.

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