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Irwin storm hit in the UK, 2 people lost their lives!

Two people have been killed in Hurricane Irwin in Scotland, UK. Trees have been uprooted in various places due to strong winds, rain, and snow. One person died when a tree fell on a car in Antrim, Scotland during the storm. He was the headmaster of a school. In Cumbria, a tree fell and killed one person. 60,000 people in Scotland have lost power due to the storm.

The wind speed during the storm was 156 kmph. At that time, 120 lorries were seen stuck in the Rochdale area. Wind and snow warnings continue across the UK. Scotland and the northeast east coast of England have issued rare warnings.

The teacher who died after falling from a tree in Northern Ireland was the principal of St. Mary’s Primary School in Maghera, police said. He was killed when his car crashed into a tree on Friday evening.

The country’s meteorological department said the overnight storm had affected large areas of the United Kingdom. Lots of vegetation and residential buildings were damaged. London North Eastern Railway authorities have advised passengers not to travel until Monday. Scottish authorities have suspended train services between Aberdeen, Perth, and Inverness. Besides, other train services are also being disrupted.

According to the Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, about 60,000 homes in Scotland are without electricity. On the other hand, the UK Northern Power Grid has also disconnected 55,000 customers. Power outages occurred mainly in Northumberland, County Durham, and Tyne and Wear. There are also power outages in some parts of Northern Ireland.

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