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South Africa is shutting down flights for fear of Omicron under pressure from different countries!

Corona’s new strain has woken up the whole world. Experts have recently discovered a new B, 1.1.529 strain in the southern part of the African continent. The World Health Organization has also recognized this variant as a virus of concern.

The WHO is named Omicron. Though the whole world has started thinking about the strain, South Africa is under the most pressure at the moment.

Several European countries, including Britain, Germany, and Italy, have already suspended flights to many African countries, including South Africa. This is the reason why there is a stir all over South Africa this time. Fear of a severe lockdown among the locals is also at work.

Steve Lawrence, a passenger at OR Tambo, one of the busiest airports in the country, said: No one can say what will happen when the flight starts now. The situation is changing every minute. And now we are stuck We thought we would spend the whole of December in the United States.

And now I am stuck in this country. ‘ Government information also paints a grim picture. Infections have been on the rise since the beginning of this month. The infection has increased about 13 times. A total of 3220 people were infected across the country on Saturday. The situation is so dire that a flight from Johannesburg to Amsterdam has been stopped on the runway. About 600 passengers boarded the plane but could not reach their destination.

Many are also venting their anger against the developed countries of the world, including Europe. Sabir Madhi, a vaccine expert in South Africa, said developed countries around the world thought the only way to solve the problem was to stop all flights to southern Africa.

But in reality, Omicron-infected people have been found who have not been to South Africa in recent times or come into contact with anyone. The fact that the variant was identified in South Africa does not mean that it was born here.

We have the world’s best technology for covid identification in South Africa. We have always been accustomed to diagnosing tuberculosis and HIV. And now we are being made villains for that success.

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