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AstraZeneca vaccine reveals the cause of rare blood clots!

Scientists have uncovered the root cause of the blood clots of some people in Europe after the Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine. A study by Cardiff University in the United Kingdom and a team of scientists from the United States found the answer to this question. The research report was published in the Lancet, an international medical journal.

The main component of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is a virus (adenovirus) similar to SARS-Cove-2 or coronavirus, in which the genetic characteristics of the coronavirus have been specially incorporated. That is, it is a type of mutated adenovirus; Which especially trains the human immune system to prevent coronavirus.

The adenovirus chosen by AstraZeneca to prepare the vaccine is a common cold-causing virus. Humans and chimpanzees are infected with the virus.

So far, some scientists have suspected that the main problem is in the adenovirus. The virus may not be able to adapt to the internal environment of some people and its side effect is blood clotting. But the Lancet research report says scientists have not found any problems with the adenovirus.

In response to a question about the cause of this problem, the scientists said that as soon as the dose of this vaccine enters the human body, a type of molecule called platelet-4 starts to be released in the blood.

Ticker adenovirus contains a large number of negatively resistant plants, while platelets-4 are rich in a positively resistant material. The combination of these negative and positive resistant ingredients makes the human body corona resistant to energy or protein.

Although this combination is uninterrupted in almost all human bodies, it is rarely seen that when the platelet-4 secreted after the dose of the tick enters the human body, it is mistakenly attacked by the adenovirus as an antiviral virus. Then, instead of combining the two, the war started and as a result, blood clotting symptoms appeared.

More than 200 people died of blood clotting problems after taking a dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine in Europe between February and March this year, and more than 100 of them died. In the UK alone, 63 people have died from the problem.

But at the same time, it is true that billions of people around the world have been vaccinated against the coronavirus of AstraZeneca. They did not experience any complicated side effects. About 50 million doses of estrogen have been used in the UK vaccination program alone.

One of the members of the research team and Professor at Cardiff University. Allen Parker told the BBC that there was no way to predict if anyone would have the problem after the vaccine was given and that as many doses of estrogen had been used around the world; Compared to that, the incidence of blood clotting problems is very, very low.

It is for this reason that the vaccine has protected and is protecting millions of people around the world from corona, rather than addressing the problem; We should pay attention to that.

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