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Omicron is likely to be infected without contact!

Corona’s influence has been somewhat reined in. Public life wants to return to a normal rhythm. But the new species of corona ‘Omicron’ has been left out. The new species of the corona, originating in South Africa, is causing concern around the world. The new species of the corona has already spread to a total of 36 countries around the world. Its existence has also been found in India.

This deadly virus first originated in Yuan, China. This time again an incident in Hong Kong is raising more thoughts. Two people with omicron are in quarantine at a hotel in Hong Kong. They are in a separate room from the hotel.

Infection is spreading from them even if they are not in contact with anyone. This is a growing concern. It is learned that the two victims have taken two vaccines of Corona. Even after that, he got infected with a new virus. Despite being in two separate rooms, the spread of the infection quickly spread to the foreheads of health experts.

According to a study by experts, the victims who were staying at the hotel in Hong Kong had respiratory problems. That is why arrangements were made to keep them separate. But the infection is spreading faster than completely different. The study found that no coronary symptoms were present in the body of the victim.

But after the test, after catching the SARS Cove-2 report. The matter was caught on November 13. He was later admitted to the hospital. There were slight symptoms on the body of any victim. That’s why he was then placed in a separate quarantine. CCTV footage of the hotel clearly showed the victims never leaving their homes. Not only that, they did not come in contact with anyone.

According to the survey, Omicron is spreading through the air. Studies have shown that the infection spreads during physical examination and feeding of the infected. The two victims came to the hotel a day apart. So the infection in the hotel spread at that time.

By far the most harmful species of the corona was the delta. But Omicron has changed 30 protein particles. Therefore, the risk of infection is much higher than the delta and beta variants. People who have recovered from corona are more likely to be infected with the new species of virus, the Omicron variant. Gradually, he has gained a foothold in 36 countries of the world. Omicron has changed quite a bit from Delta and Beta.

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