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Omicron infection is on the rise in Southeast Asian countries!

The whole world is terrified of Corona’s new strain. Although it was first seen in the southern part of the African continent, it has been found in the bodies of tourists in Hong Kong, Belgium, and Israel. In this context, the World Health Organization has sounded the alarm for South Asian countries.

Dr. Poonam Kshetrapal Singh, Regional Director of the World Health Organization, said: Infection in other parts of the world is a real danger for us. It reminds us that we must constantly adhere to hygiene rules.

At the moment, countries should step up surveillance. Countries should consider and take action on the risks posed by international aviation. He added: “The sooner appropriate action is taken, the more effective it will be. The more Kovid-19 gets a chance to spread, the more it will mutate and change its religion, it will become terrible, the duration of Atimari will increase.

The most important thing at this moment is to follow the hygiene rules. Wearing a mask and following social distance rules can prevent the spread of the virus. 21 percent have been partially vaccinated. However, 48 percent of the people have not been vaccinated yet. Judging by the number, that is more than 1 billion

And it is this number of people who are most likely to be infected. They can be easily infected with other diseases. However, just because you have been vaccinated does not mean that you can take off your mask and walk around. Experts have previously said that the main weapon against the virus, even if vaccinated, is adherence to hygiene rules.

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